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5th July 2012

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Chats About Movies: Ted, the stuffed teddy bear... Not Chucky. →


(8:59 AM) Johnny: Convince me to go see Ted.
(8:59 AM) Brandon: hahaha, i saw it
(9:00 AM) Johnny: Scale it: 1-5
(9:00 AM) Brandon: i will say this: Ebert’s endorsement of the film is nothing more than a feeble attempt at making himself relevant among a younger crowd that thought he died 10 years…

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5th July 2012


Ted, the stuffed teddy bear... Not Chucky.

  • (8: 59 AM) Johnny: Convince me to go see Ted.
  • (8: 59 AM) Brandon: hahaha, i saw it
  • (9: 00 AM) Johnny: Scale it: 1-5
  • (9: 00 AM) Brandon: i will say this: Ebert's endorsement of the film is nothing more than a feeble attempt at making himself relevant among a younger crowd that thought he died 10 years ago
  • (9: 00 AM) Brandon: ...(that was actually siskel. who am i kidding? nobody even remembers Siskel)
  • (9: 00 AM) Brandon: but i digress
  • (9: 00 AM) Johnny: Can Markie Mark hold up in a movie that has no cops or some kind of Boston connection?
  • (9: 00 AM) Brandon: if you are a fan of Family Guy
  • (9: 01 AM) Brandon: you will enjoy Ted
  • (9: 01 AM) Johnny: did you guffaw?
  • (9: 01 AM) Brandon: ....and the truthiness of your statement rings true. This movie takes place in Boston
  • (9: 01 AM) Brandon: haha
  • (9: 01 AM) Johnny: How did I guess.
  • (9: 01 AM) Johnny: 'Hey goat, tell your mother I said hello."
  • (9: 02 AM) Brandon: hahahaha
  • (9: 02 AM) Johnny: I really don't know. So is it at least funny?
  • (9: 02 AM) Brandon: yeah i will say this, i DID laugh
  • (9: 02 AM) Brandon: the friend i saw it with said he expected more
  • (9: 02 AM) Brandon: but i will say this: buyer beware
  • (9: 03 AM) Brandon: you're going to see a movie about a f%$#ing 30 year talking stuffed teddy bear
  • (9: 03 AM) Brandon: this is not Shawshank Redemption
  • (9: 03 AM) Brandon: you come to laugh at dumb immature pothead humor
  • (9: 03 AM) Brandon: and it's good at it
  • (9: 03 AM) Johnny: Let me see if I get this right.
  • (9: 03 AM) Johnny: Kid gets Teddy Bear
  • (9: 03 AM) Johnny: Bear comes to life.
  • (9: 04 AM) Johnny: Bear lives for 30 years
  • (9: 04 AM) Johnny: Shenanigan's
  • (9: 04 AM) Brandon: hahahaha
  • (9: 04 AM) Johnny: Bear has sexual innuendos even though it has not genitals
  • (9: 04 AM) Brandon: that about sums it up
  • (9: 05 AM) Johnny: wow, it is Chucky but with a funny twist vs a crappy horror twist
  • (9: 05 AM) Johnny: I guess the movie was Child's Play.
  • (9: 04 AM) Brandon: i'm not really sure how someone could say this film missed its mark
  • (9: 05 AM) Brandon: it's not a perfect movie but if you can suspend your disbelief and not expect it to be the most groundbreaking move ever, you will enjoy it
  • (9: 05 AM) Brandon: that was the best worst pun i've heard all day, by the way
  • (9: 05 AM) Johnny: You mean teddy bears don't come to life?
  • (9: 06 AM) Brandon: yes, and by the way, Santa isn't real
  • (9: 06 AM) Brandon: sorry. somebody had to do it.
  • (9: 06 AM) Johnny: Yes he is, the tool man plays him.
  • (9: 07 AM) Johnny: Santa Clause 4, where did my career go? Santa Clause 4, I have no more funny.
  • (9: 07 AM) Brandon: lol
  • (9: 07 AM) Brandon: is the Santa Clause franchise the new "Jaws" ??
  • (9: 07 AM) Johnny: I saw Brave. Disney/Pixar now just change the graphics and run the same track over and over for the movie.
  • (9: 08 AM) Brandon: ohhh really? you mean the annoying irish accents can't even save a Pixar film?
  • (9: 08 AM) Johnny: Well let's be honest. If you see "Tim Allen stars in"
  • (9: 08 AM) Johnny: Double thread here. Brave was brutal. Not even the ginger kids could save it.
  • (9: 09 AM) Johnny: My 6 year old kept saying "Why are there gingerkids in this movie?"
  • (9: 09 AM) Brandon: LOL
  • (9: 09 AM) Johnny: He was shocked because he knows there is no soul there.
  • (9: 09 AM) Brandon: ....boos & hisses follow from the daywalkers in the back row...
  • (9: 10 AM) Johnny: Well, I am going to dress as Spiderman and go see if I can get a free Carl's Junior.
  • (9: 10 AM) Brandon: LOL
  • (9: 10 AM) Johnny: Because that is what superhero physique needs...a 4800 calorie sandwich.
  • (9: 10 AM) Brandon: awesome
  • (9: 11 AM) Brandon: alright i need to go conduct a Performance Improvement Review
  • (9: 11 AM) Johnny: Late

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2nd July 2012

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Chats About Movies: Chats About Movies →


Today my buddy and i began doing what we normally do on a Monday at the office around the water cooler: make fun of whatever pop culture nuggets seemed to be at forefront of the scene at the moment. And thus, my newest blog-for-fun idea! Chats About Movies!

(8:45 AM) Johnny: Savages: Discuss.

7th June 2012

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karma police will get you every time.


Tip for modern adulterers: If you’re planning to cheat on your wife of 10 years by awkwardly hitting on the model seated next to you on your flight out of Los Angeles, make sure she isn’t live-tweeting the entire miserable experience to her 13,000 followers;

26th April 2012

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James Cameron is a badass. →

why do i love james cameron so much?  besides the fact that his movies are entertaining?  well stuff like this is why.

James Cameron heads to space to look for unobtainium.

13th April 2012

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the spring playlist

it’s been spring for a few weeks now, but i was busy marinating on these tunes and needed to make sure they were good enough to make the cut, so i took a little time.  but they are ready to go!  

spring is a great time in denver.  you’ve made it thru the cold, bitter winter, you’re breathlessly waiting for the sunshine and the warm air (unless you’re a snowboard junky and you want snow year-round, in which case you should probably move to alaska or canadia or something.  and no, i didn’t spell canadia wrong), and the colors start making their way back into life.  people start going outside into the parks and mountains again, the patios start opening up at the downtown bars, the Rockies baseball games are now in full swing (hah!  get it?!  ugh.)…  it’s impossible to stay inside in denver once it warms up.

which is why the Spring playlist is so vital.  you need songs that get your blood pumping and make you want to dance!  and dance we shall, i hope you are ready.  

1. Delta Spirit ->  ”Tellin the Mind”
these guys are becoming a go-to for me these days.  i actually went to high school with ‘em and jammed gee-tars with kelly a couple of times way back in the day.  now all they do is write great songs.  this one included.

2. Beautiful Small Machines -> “Paper Planes”
i always throw 1 cover on the mix, and this was the winner this time around.  i’ll be honest:  it’s a damn shame that this song is “paper planes.”  seriously, i love this song, i hate MIA’s song - only because i’ve heard it a quadzillion +1 times - but this seriously sounds like a completely new song.  i dont know anything about this band, but they did a good job of reinventing the song.

3. Reptar -> “Stuck in my id”
another thing i do with these things is put my favorite in the 3 spot.  must be my baseball childhood.  anyway, this band may end up being my favorite band in 2012 if they keep releasing songs like this.  seriously, i can’t stop listening.  it’s getting annoying.

4. Walk the Moon -> “Tightrope”
from Cincinatti, Ohio, these guys have done pretty well for themselves the last few months, including a strong showing at SXSW.  wait for the drummer pounding the toms near the end of the song.  love it. 

5. Thin White Duke/Katy Perry -> “Part of Me”
yes, you read that right.  i just included a katy perry song in my playlist.  but i couldn’t help it.  it’s a remix from big producer & DJ Jacques Lu Conte (Thin White Duke), and if you watch ESPN at all, this is the song that Reebok is using for their new ad campaign.  that bass line just works.

6. Gramatik -> “Talkbox Intended”
 let there be funk.  seriously i dare you not to dance.  this jam had me bouncing within 5 seconds.  i’m breakin all sorts of rules for myself here.  1st i post a katy perry song, and then i move straight to a “dubstep” song.  i really am not a huge fan of dubstep, but i am not so prejudicial as to think that genre lines are drawn so easily.  this song qualifies as “dubstep” on a technicality.  it’s really just funk with a talkbox.  but hot damn!  does it sound good!  GET FUNKY FRESH!

7. Mark Foster, A-Trak, Kimbra -> “Warrior”
alright so this song sounds like it was rejected from Foster the People, but i can’t resist it.  i love kimbra that much, and this beat just thumps!  check out the video:

Lucha Libre!!!

8. The Temper Trap ->  ”I Need Your Love”
they’re back!

that’s right, i just followed a lucha libre music video with a karate kid music video.  i. am. awesome.  

9. Xylos -> Summerlong

great new band from New York.  great relaxed vibe.

10. Alabama Shakes ->  ”Hold On”
i’m not really going to write much about these guys, mainly because they run the risk of being victim of the hype machine.  i just like this song.

11. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros -> “That’s What’s up”
yes, they have returned as well!  and not much has changed, in a good way.  just classic tunes, solid songwriting, and fun melodies.  makes you wanna drink some whiskey and dance with the pretty face next to you at the show!

12. Jai Paul -> “Jasmine”
the “sexy” track on the playlist.  Jai Paul seems to piss off his fans because he writes awesome songs like this, and then he disappears for a year.

13. MitiS -> “Brings Renewal”
"Lovestep."  that’s what they’re calling this. haha.  ridiculous.  but i do like this song. 

14. Sigur Ros -> “Ekki Mukk”

yes.  they are back.  had to end the list with this song.  i know it’s MUCH slower than the others, but i just can’t help it.  apparently they will be releasing a new album later this spring, which i wasn’t aware of, but i am very excited for!  

so that’s it!  enjoy the songs, support the artists, go to their shows (i’ve got tickets to many of these artists when they come thru denver, let me know if you are going too), and enjoy your spring.  i guess this only leaves 2 things left to do:  post an obligatory pic of john cusack and a link to the zip file:

Miq’s Spring 2012 Jams!  <- click for the zip file

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30th March 2012


very seriously considering going this route with my bike rather than a new paint job&#8230;

very seriously considering going this route with my bike rather than a new paint job…

16th February 2012

Video with 1 note

so i haven’t been posting any additional thoughts on new zealand lately, and that’s largely due to a) i’ve been swamped with catch-up work at my job and b) i’ve been hustling to get this video finished.  

if you want to know what new zealand looks like, i really do think this video does a good job of capturing how quickly the scenery changes, and how gorgeous it really is out there.

new zealand made me feel like a kid again.  and that’s a feeling i’m always trying to get back to again.

14th February 2012

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almost got a little emotional watching this.  thanks for the share.

14th February 2012


this looks pretty cool.  think i&#8217;m going to have to get one.

this looks pretty cool.  think i’m going to have to get one.